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Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Makeup Trends

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Makeup Trends

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends from the are having a bit of an identity crisis . There could be no final compromise on the spirit of the season – was it nude and natural? Or daring and neon? Luckily for the crazed masses the designers agreed to disagree and hence two movements forged ahead, competing to win the hearts and minds of cosmetic obsessives everywhere.

Dramatics aside, the fall 2018 makeup offered no shortage of visual variety. Looks ran the gamut from born-this-way neutral to back-from-the-future kaleidoscopic. The sheer volume of innovation across the spectrum ensured that there was a look to appeal to any taste.

In fact, some of the most rousing fall 2018 beauty trends combined brazen palettes of vivid blues and oranges with a naked base and understated lips. These unexpected marriages of chaotic color and modest silhouettes demonstrated that blurring the beauty lines could be as simple as playing with contrasts and rejecting traditions.


Whether you like to keep it down to earth or prefer a sky high galactic feel, read on – the fall/ winter 2018-2019 trends are chock-full of surprises, enigmas, and spectacle!

Forget the deep bronze of the summer, girls – the fall 2018 makeup trends are all about peachey taupe shades. In keeping with the natural mood of the season, designers gently warmed up models’ faces with earthy tones. Not quite tan and not quite pink, the best shade of the season was a warm peach.

We loved the variety in application that we saw on the runways. In some instances the product was used in place of a contour and applied to the hollows of the cheeks and across the temple. In other examples it was applied high on the cheekbones, extending up to the eyebrow bone creating a flushed and youthful appearance.

At Prabal Gurung, rosy blush helped models look radiant and feminine. At Stella Jean, flawless porcelain skin was warmed up with a doll pink shade.

At Vivetta, the was deep pink and playfully bold – just layer your regular light blush to create this rosy effect. At , a fresh-faced dewy look was paired with a gentle dose of peachey blush. The result was a healthy and slightly warmed up complexion.


After too many all-nighters, bold was finally put to bed for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends. With one key exception. Barely perceptible and endlessly strategic, contour appeared in its most subtlest manifestation on the runways.

The deep and overwrought cheek hollow contour was nary to be seen on the runway so this may be a chance to retire from the overdone face chiseling for now. Contour is all about playing up the natural shape of your face this season so get some Youtube tutorials lined up and practice in natural light, ladies.

At , models’ cheekbones were sculpted but oh-so-subtly. There were no traces of garish overdone contour or stark lines. At Christopher Kane, the cheek definition was alluring and precise.

At Lanyu, models had the most understated definition along their cheekbones and it was hardly perceptible at all. models also rocked the low-key contour look to mesmerizing effect. Was she born that way or does she just have a killer makeup artist?

Fair-skinned beauties go through a bit of a beating in the summer months. In their quest for the perfect glow they end up in one of two camps: hopelessly toasted or self-tan streaked beyond recognition.


The fall 2018 makeup trends offer solace for these gals. This season, models embraced their natural skin tones, with pale and beige shades of foundation cropping up on all the major shows.

At , porcelain skin was given a hit of gentle color in the form of a baby pink blush. The effect was babydoll ethereal. At Alexander Wang, pale skin was embraced rather than concealed with pounds of bronzers or too-dark foundation shades.

At Simone Rocha, pale skin created a cherubic and angelic feel. At J.W Anderson, the pale foundation was sweet and simple and served as an effective canvas for textured brows and just-bitten lips. At , extra-pale skin allowed gunmetal eye makeup to capture maximum attention.

Minimalists unite! Barely there, or not-there-at-all makeup is back with a force this season. The no-makeup look is about as easy as you can get when it comes to beauty. Simply shower, moisturize, and head out the door.

We can’t overstate the understated confidence that this look reveals. We particularly love it when it is intentionally paired with a complex outfit and heavily styled hair look. It is unflinching and showcases your innate beauty and comfort in your skin.


At , models rocked unibrows and bare skin for a bohemian Woodstock child of nature feel. Michael Kors sent his models out with messy hair and naked skin, creating an innocent and sweet silhouette. This served as an intriguing backdrop to glamorous, intricate clothes.

At Creatures of Comfort, dewy, natural skin and bedheads merged to create a harmoniously understudied look.

Since the days of Cleopatra black , or kohl, if you will, has been as consistent a go-to as you can get in the beauty world. Black eyeliner is the of the peepers and for good reason.

It can be classic, sophisticated, understated. And on the other hand, it is raucous, seductive, provocative. It represents both the yin and yang of beauty and can be integrated into a range of looks, charting the spectrum from daring to dainty.

For the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends, black eyeliner was able to give expression to this full range of characteristics. Designers used a simple line to define the eyes in the subtlest of looks, while others painted the eyes with thick helpings of the stuff. From liquid to gel to pencil, all consistencies were a go – as long as they were deep midnight black.


Black eyeliner needn’t be aggressive or bold. We loved the gently smokey smudged under-eye liner at . It popped stunningly against the models’ blue eyes.

At , the liner was thick and purposeful, with room around the waterline for a white illuminating shade. At Sonia Rykiel, the kohl was dark, and the effect was seductive.

Blue is the leader of the pack when it comes to the color spectrum. Consistently the most popular choice of ‘favorite color’, blue is dynamic, mysterious, enigmatic and life-affirming. It can be airy and pastel or midnight-deep and tantalizing. Blue truly knows no bounds.

Perhaps it is this fluidity and depth of character that led designers to seek the color out for the fall 2018 makeup trends. Shades of blue danced across the runways, creating a peacock-esque affair of rich aquamarines and glinting teal.

We loved the blue mascara at and Area, where the vivid shade popped against fresh-faced skin. At , glam rock cat eyes, equipped with rhinestones and all, came decked out in neon blue.


At , a wash of under-eye blue shadow was mythical and had us thinking of amorous evenings under a cold winter moon! Blue eyeliner at Tibi was scintillating and vivacious. At Chromat, the sky blue under-eye liner was vibrant and perfect for a night out.

For women who like to keep their lines simple and their eyes defined, the new fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends beckon! Dainty, precisely waterlined eyes are big this season, in keeping with the general mood of minimalist makeup and not-trying beauty.

Waterlined eyes allow you to contour the eyes and define their natural shape. The waterline can be moody and evocative if you so choose but they are also a brilliant way of subtly wearing eyeliner.

At Coach, a smokey waterlined eye created a crisp and sophisticated silhouette with just the right amount of moodiness. At Marc Jacobs, waterlined eyes were paired with a dazzling molten gold shadow for a polished and elegant evening effect.

Christian Siriano models rocked waterlined eyes paired with vivid, smudged eyeliner for a look that killed two birds with one stone. At Givenchy, thick babydoll lashes were defined by waterlined eyes.


For women who love experimenting with color but shy away from a full commitment, September is on your side! For the fall 2018 makeup trends, designers and makeup artists infused models’ beauty looks with unexpected and artistic pops of color.

From unexpected streaks of bright eyeliner to pops of bright mascara, color seeped into even the most traditional looks this season. And why not? Fall and winter are notoriously downtempo, with shades of tan and beige dominating. Why not bring back some of the liveliness and exuberance of the warmer months, if only in the smallest of doses?

At Altuzarra, a dramatic cat eye was paired with color swaths of blues, greens, and purples. The soft pastel effect was flattering rather than garish. At Au Jour Le Jour, a fresh-faced look was paired with a light hint of neon lime eyeshadow. The effect was playful and unusually girlish.

At Christian Dior, sunflower yellow eyeliner and mascara created an exuberantly original effect. The lilac version had a vivid rock and roll feel. At Dries Van Noten, a mint green shade paired with spider-like lashes was whimsical yet wearable.

#9. Statement Eyeshadow + No Makeup


The spirit of the times can be defined by two main fall 2018 beauty trends: a no-makeup look and strategically placed pigment. This look marries the two contradicting trends and creates something strikingly original, defiant, and painterly. We love the tension and the contrast between a bare face and a statement eye, decked out in in vibrant shades that chart the rainbow.

At Jour Ne, a swath of lilac shadow paired ethereally with textured brows, nude lips, and barely there skin. The effect was sassy babydoll cute.

At , a streak of magenta liner was paired with a no-makeup skin and lip look. We loved the combination as it resulted in a devil-may-care grunge hipster aesthetic.

At Yohji Yamamoto, a graphic white color-block eye paired with neutral no-makeup makeup for an abstract and minimalist silhouette.

Cat eyes got a larger than life injection for the fall 2018 makeup trends. While a simple flick is eternally cool, dare to experiment with the exaggerated forms that captured the designers’ hearts this season.


The daring sentiment was popular on both sides of the Atlantic. Why? An exaggerated cat eye emboldens the wearer and transforms her into someone more vivid, experimental, and unconventional. It invites the wearer to become a more confident and gregarious simulation of herself.

It is a look that provokes and suggests – it does not ask for permission. Before you make the mistaken assumption that cat eyes are only for the drama queens among us, let’s turn to the runways for some real world examples of wearable Cleopatra eyes.

We loved the mod schoolgirl liner at Alberta Ferretti, where the mood was more youthfully playful than vampy lady of the night. At Altuzarra, a different approach was taken as models strutted down the runways with anime-comic goddess lines that grazed the eyebrows.

At Cividini, a sparkling forest green under-eye cat eye look was urbane and cooler than thou. At Marc Jacobs, eyeshadow was fanned out to the temples for a gothic goddess feel. The extra graphic eyeliner at fit the bill for the colder months!

#11. Multicolored Color-Block Eyeshadow


Not satisfied with the whole fidelity to one shade thing? You’re not alone! For the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends, the designers played with the whole palette, creating innovative and painterly harmonies of color.

We loved the two-tone jewel shades that dominated the eyes of the season. The creative potential of this look is huge and is limited only by imagination. Feel like mixing orange and purple? Yellow and blue? Do you.

Subtlety was torn right out of the dictionary and thrown into the flames if this look has anything to say about it! Color-block eyeshadow is bold, brash, paint-by-numbers kitschy. It reminds us of the mod Sixties and the wet and wild Eighties.

We loved Prada’s bejewelled pastel eye look. It was innovative and experimental and the effect was disco queen meets alien princess. The royal purple and deep magenta cut-crease eyeshadow at Anna Sui was fit for a mythological princess.

The multi-tonal color-block look at Christian Siriano was delightful and happy-go-lucky. We love the playful neon shades of blue and hot pink )!


A ‘trend within a trend’ was the color goggle look at the likes of Sies Marjan. This innovative and original eye look is futuristic and so compellingly bizarre that there is no way it won’t pull on your sartorial heart strings. It reminds us of the vivid ski goggles of the Eighties or the future-perfect neon imaginings of a mad mid-century scientist.

Goggle eyeshadows are probably not going to be your new go-to for the everyday but it’s a super exciting and fresh way of experimenting with makeup, form, and silhouettes. We love how goggle eyeshadow invites stares and maybe even some whispers.

The woman who dons this look effectively lets the naysayers pass her by. She keeps her sense of wonder alive and looks to the future with a technicolor confidence. At Sies Marjan, mentioned above, the chromatic and graphic color goggles of red and blue felt tribally inspired and radically original.

#12. Freestyle and Abstract Eyeliner

Coloring outside the lines was the norm, and proved to be a vital means of expression for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends. Freestyle eyeliner enables you to be an active creator in your own beauty. It allows for originality, freedom of movement, and artistry.


Freestyle lines can play up different regions of the eye and can transform a run-of-the-mill look into something provocatively daring. We like how freestyle eyeliner is a means of mirroring the lines and forms of fashion.

The abstract, modern art feel of the silver eyeshadow at Delpozo was intellectually stimulating beauty at its best. Jason Wu’s graphic yellow lines between the crease and brow bone felt inspired and fresh. The lime green freestyle liner at Lanyu was similar in spirit.

At Emporio Armani, shades of warm forest green paired with unusual forms to create a tribal-esque cut-crease look. At Eudon Choi, yellow freestyle liner had an effect of the delightfully alien. At Louis Vuitton, tribal alien chic reigned supreme with abstract, rectangular blocks of shadow grazing the eyes of the models.

Jeremy Scott gets the award for the most innovative look of the Fashion Weeks. The three-dimensional yellow and blue cat eyes were Sixties-mod-meets-futuristic-space-invader kitschy. We can see this look being a staple of the fall and winter party scene and festival circuit.

Silver is the enigmatic one in the precious metal family. For every ounce that gold radiates and glows, silver lies in the shadows, casting its intriguing appeal subtlety and hypnotically.


Silver has the appeal of cold light, moonbeams, and cosmic starlight. It evokes images of the supernatural, and urges us to look behind the appearances of everyday life, unveiling to us the mysterious forces that lie beyond our comprehension.

Mysticism aside, however, silver is just plain practical for creating a lustrous and prismatic beauty look fast. For the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends, silver found a home in the inner corners of the eye, where it promotes a look of wakefulness and dimensionality.

Silver catches the light of the sun and the light of the strobes with equal effect and creates a bewitching and mesmerizing look. Pair with big eyelashes for an angelic wide-awake look.

At Emporio Armani, rich silver paired with black and deep green for an icey forest nymph effect. At , a hot dose of shimmer created a silver screen goddess vibe and proved that a touch of shadow goes a long way.

At , a strategic dose of silver was a subtle infusion of shimmer into an otherwise fresh-faced look. Tom Ford models rocked a shimmering variety of the chrome for a dazzlingly frivolous feel.


Eyebrows are a veritable beauty feature in their own right. It feels like eyebrows flew under the radar for decades, treated as a mere decorative complement to more interesting features. All that changed with the advent of Instagram and online beauty gurus.

The brow is the hottest thing to happen to beauty in our generation, and this love affair shows no signs of abating. The name of the brow game for the fall 2018 makeup trends was texture. Gone are the pencil-lined arches and bold painted silhouettes. Natural shades of tan, light brown, and deep chocolate have been given movement and natural dimension with the help of eyebrow combs and brow gel.

Pencils are out, as designers favored a lighter hand. The textured brows of the season perfectly complement the messy, undone hair and minimalist makeup approach that captured the heart of designers for the fall and winter.

We loved the textured brows at Erdem, which felt romantically undone and au naturel. At Mary Katrantzou, textured brows were paired with elegantly bare skin and nude lips for a sophisticated and thoughtful look. The tan color was a hit, as well.

Temperley models’ textured, barely-there brows contrasted delightfully with sophisticated and polished makeup. Proof that messy brows have a place within a ‘done’ beauty look. Textured bigger-is-better brows were sexy and low-maintenance at .


Color knows no bounds for the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends. If colored eyeshadow isn’t enough for you, why not go full throttle and rim your eyes with some shades of rainbow? Rainbow eyeliners brighten the eyes and accentuate your natural eye color.

Blue eyes look beautiful with blue, pink, purple, and orange eyeliners. Green eyes look great with purple, burnt pink, and light blue shades. Brown eyes look best with light purple, deep green, and navy blue.

Colored eyeliners are a youthful and hedonistic way of injecting some color into an otherwise ordinary everyday look. It is unexpected and original without being over the top or flashy.

If you want to ease into the look, use a gentle hand and focus the colors on the rims and inner edges of your eyes. For a full on dose of color, line the whole eye, replacing your usual black or brown product.

At Altuzarra, aquamarine blue liner was barely there and served more as an enhancement of the models’ beauty than the main affair. At Calvin Luo, a hit of deep blue liner had a Joan Jett dishevelled rocker appeal. At Dior, the thick under-eye deep blue liner was striking and graphic.


At Anna Sui, purple eyeliner was rimmed against both the lash line and the crease, creating a romantic babydoll effect. The models looked kind of like the girl from the Mr. Brightside video – a dysfunctional living doll look we’d be down to recreate for September.

Pink might be the frontrunner for color of the season. It graced , it graced , and for our purposes here, graced the eyes and lips of some of the season’s hottest It models.

Pink is exuberant and unabashedly girlish. It is youthful and it revels in its innocent blissfulness. Pink doesn’t claim to know all the answers, but it does claim to have all the fun.

Pink is a dynamic shade and it rarely gets credit for that, until now anyways. Whether you have brown eyes or blue or any gradient in between, pink can highlight your natural tones without overpowering them.

At , a delicate baby pink eyeshadow felt youthful and dreamy when paired with bare skin. Prada experimented with fuchsia and rhinestones for a glammed up style. At Christian Siriano, the pink eyeshadow felt flirtatious and inspired visions of retro parties and trendy cocktail bars.


Pinks have huge payoff on the lips, as well. They are exuberant and flirty – like the sassy cousin of red. Pinks have a warm feel and look sultry paired with a light tan or doll-like with a flawless porcelain base. We liked the arcade candy feel of the girlish lips at best.

#17. Glitter and Shimmer Eyeshadow

Glitter is pure indulgence and pure decadence. It is hedonism writ large and is only slightly debauched. Glitter speaks to festivities, gilded nights, and halcyon frivolity. We love glitter as a mechanism in which to embrace the colder months. It speaks to a breezy confidence and enthusiastic giddiness.

Glitter can liven up a plain makeup look and is an easy fix when transforming a look from day to night. Glitter might be surface level but it is an intoxicating way of warming up a chilly evening.

Glitter’s slightly less flashy cousin shimmer also took center stage among the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends. Shades of pastels and primary colors were livened up with mermaid-esque sheen.


At Ashish, a swath of gold was decadent and luxe. Ulla Johnson models wore a similar molten gold shade, topped off with enticing rhinestone appliques.

At Etro, shimmering mermaid eyeshadow was the perfect look for a retro starlet. At Genny, glitter was thrown onto the models’ eyes for a mesmerizing metallic effect.

At Marc Jacobs, a shimmering plum shade was mysteriously enticing. Naeem Khan’s models wore shimmering ocean-floor shades of seaweed green. Shimmering lilac mermaid eyes were also a hit at .

We loved the deep golden tan eyeshadows that rocked the runways for the fall 2018 makeup trends. They served as a grown up and sophisticated alternative to the sharpie color trend that reigned supreme. Tan eyeshadows are universally flattering and while neutral, are never boring.

Tan eyeshadows can be matte, shimmery, or multitonal. They can be deep camel, golden brown, or pale cappuccino creme. We love the variety and the dimensions that you can explore with this color family. Tan eyeshadow is polished and luxurious, making it the perfect shade to take you from the office to the after hours party.


We loved the full-on crease to brow tan shadow at Chanel. At Giorgio Armani, a warm and polished shade of brown was intriguing and created the appearance of depth and dimensionality.

At Off-White, a flattering camel brown color was applied all over the models’ eyes. At Brock Collection, models rocked enticing shades of taupe and beige.

If you find that you’re always short on time in the mornings when doing your makeup, you might take solace in this fall 2018 beauty trend. Skipping the mascara might just bring you in line with the stylish set this season.

Keeping with the minimal thread that ran through the season, the no mascara look enables you to play up your natural eyes with shadow and helps maintain the integrity of an understated style.

Pulling a no-mascara look showcases that you are breezy and confident without all the extra pomp and circumstance. It keeps your natural features the focus of the show and allows the shimmer of your eyes to glow in all their unadulterated glory.


At Marni, the pastel eyeshadows were the focal point and bare lashes allowed the pigments to shimmer and shine without any background noise. At Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini, a light tan shadow paired with no mascara resulted in a dreamy and delicate look.

At Prabal Gurung, a similar look was executed, proving that you don’t need layers of black mascara to highlight your eyes.

We think now of the Rolling Stones song ‘Paint it Black’. Designers made the bedroom the site of the season with dark, sooty, come-at-me eyes. Bedroom eyes are feverish in their allure and compelling in their provocations.

The bedroom eye is suggestive, and doesn’t shy away from being outlandish or inappropriate. Indeed, the bedroom eye is so effective because it operates just outside of the bounds of good taste.

The modern bedroom eye calls for dark shades of black, steel, and brown. Pencils, gels, shadows, and liquid liners are all invited to the party and brought into the fold in varying degrees.


The best execution of this fall 2018 makeup trend is undone, with a strategic layer of smudging and blending. Pair the bedroom eye with a light contour and nude lip for a classic vixen-esque take on the look or keep the rest of the skin matte and neutral, allowing the eyes to speak, seduce, and beckon.

At Area, models paired deep wine lips with smokey shades of brown and deep burgundy. At , smokey black eyes allowed the models to nail the up-all-night look. The smudged blacks created an appealingly aloof feel.

The best take on bedroom eyes this season was at Tom Ford, where the models’ come-hither stares were positively hypnotic. The look is super easy to nail – all it requires is gunmetal eyeshadow, mascara, and a touch of patience!

The heady dose of eyeliner, glitter, and raven black at Alice + Olivia was a tempting and sultry style fit for a late Eighties punk princess. Don’t be afraid of going overboard – that’s the essence of this look.

If the above fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends didn’t make it glaringly obvious already, color was a major player in this season’s looks. We loved this season because it has the dual quality of being ultra-original and blast-from-the-past cool. It reminds us of the colored mascara we bought in the Nineties as kids and it certainly maintains that old school appeal.


Colored mascara feels fresh, assertive, and fearless. It is an approachable, yet vividly whimsical way of trialing a new beauty look. We love it for its shock factor – making it the perfect beauty choice for special events like raves and music festivals. Colored mascara creates a hypnotizingly vibrant aesthetic, capturing the hearts and minds of the crowds.

We loved the electric blue at Area, and the shadow-mascara harmony at Christian Dior. At Concept Korea, models walked down with faux white eyelashes, a totally unexpected play on a conventionally unexciting beauty shade. At Dries Van Noten, a royal blue shade was daring in all its clump glory.

are the edgy, underground cousin of the classic . They impart dense, chromatic pigment in a long-lasting, matte formula. They are perfect for long days at the office or long nights at a dive bar, making lip stains the go-to formula for fall and winter.

We love how lip stains achieve a matte, undone finish that lipstick struggles to achieve. As they wear off throughout the day, they leave behind a desirably grungy unfinished look that perfectly complements the sartorially aloof mood of the season.

The burgundy lip stain at Erdem was ultra-romantic and antique-box pretty. At Miu Miu, lip stains were strategically focused on the center of the lips.


At Richard Malone, a speckled lip stain look felt delightfully pretentious and art-house hip. At Zadig & Voltaire, a cherry wine lip stain felt pensively moody – perfect for a quietly romantic evening.

Lightly glossy lips were a subtler theme of the the fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends. A delicate sheen was the order of the day with models showcasing healthy-looking pouts. Glossy lips have a youthful, feminine energy and they infuse a makeup look with a certain effortless joie de vivre.

The key to achieving this look is ensuring you have soft and smooth lips. After a long summer it is not uncommon for lips to need some extra love in the form of a or restorative .

The best glossy lips of the season were neutral, and in some cases, colorless. At Christian Dior, lightly glossed lips contrasted against bold and pigmented eyes. At J.W. Anderson, lightly glossed lips were girlishly charming.

At Roberto Cavalli, a sultry glossy lip paired with bedroom eyes and created a biker babe silhouette. Models at Off-White paired silky tan eyes with smooth and glossy lips. This look was pure golden girl bombshell and it was also enticingly wearable. Give this look a try for school or work and watch people double take.


If the mood of September could be distilled into one shade, we vote that it would be wine. Wine is moody, enigmatic, compelling. It takes no prisoners and it makes no promises. This suggestion of mystery and intrigue is utterly lust-worthy for the colder months.

And you need not be a sommelier to appreciate the full bouquet of available for fall and winter. Shades range from delicate palate cleansers of blush magenta to uncompromising shades of burgundy and blood purple.

Wine lips are elegant but they can also be grungy, particularly when paired with the lip stain formula that was ubiquitous this season. Wine lips look stunningly intriguing when paired with a dark eye and messy curls but they are also elegant when paired with bare skin and nude eyes.

At Erdem, a wine lip was romantic and grungy – the perfect rock and roll look for grownups. At Adam Selman, a violet wine look was romantic and approachable.

Matte shades of mauve, tan, and caramel were a hit on the runways. They reflect the sophisticated and alluring mood of the season. in shades of brown and light pink-tan create a composed and definitive look. They pull all the disparate elements together and create a polished appearance. Nude lips can be the focal point of the look or can serve as a delectable complement to a bolder eye.


At Dolce & Gabbana, the nude tan lips complemented a smokey cat eye seductively. At Tom Ford, the nude lips allowed the grandeur and the glamour of the smokey eyes to stand out and steal the show.

At Etro, a mauve better-than-skin color paired with shimmering lids for a Seventies disco queen aesthetic. This look demonstrates how effective nude lips are at complementing a more dramatic eye or skin look.

One of the anti-trend fall 2018 makeup trends of the runways was the move back to a natural lip. No liner, no gloss, no nonsense; this look is about as back to basics as you can get. The naked lip is refreshing because it accepts the feature, which we are always striving to change and curate and transform.

The naked lip look is a beautiful option for women who like to keep it grounded and down to earth. And for those who rarely bother with lip application, the fall and winter runways are on your side.

At Prabal Gurung, models let their natural lip color shine. The effect was organic radiance at its finest. We loved the polished au naturel look at Bibhu Mohapatra.


At Christian Dior, naked lips contrasted against outrageous eye makeup. At Etro, the naked lip felt ‘just kissed’ and beestung paired with bedroom eyes. At Erdem, natural lips also provided a foil to the ubiquitous smokey eye.

#27. Bold Lipstick + Barely There Skin

Similar to the ‘bold eye and naked skin’ look that was oh-so-prominent this season, many designers decided to replicate the spirit of that look with the instead. Barely there skin gives the illusion of healthy and luminous texture and lends you an easygoing allure.

Bold lips are sassy and playful and serve as a striking contrast to the bare and dewy skin. Bold lips are confident and unflinchingly feminine. The bright and pigmented glow of the lips plays lusciously against your refreshed skin.

Bright lips ultimately look sartorially charged and provocative. We love how the bright lips pair with statement and a minimalist aesthetic of white and black.


At Chalayan, a glossy wine stain nailed three fall 2018 makeup trends in one when paired with freckled skin and naked eyes. At Maison Margiela, blue kool-aid lips were paired with nude skin and lightly shadowed eyes.

Rochas models donned stunning shades of magenta red. The colors simply popped against a fresh-faced backdrop of nude skin and subtle mascara.

At Self-Portrait, a vampy gothic black ‘n’ blue shade felt industrial and futuristic. Perfect for a Matrix-inspired babe who doesn’t feel like donning foundation or eye makeup!

Red lipstick is as perennial as the sky. It endures because it is so effective at accomplishing the purpose of all makeup: to make us look and feel beautiful. It evokes images of silent screen stars and glamorous Hollywood Hills soirees.

Red lipstick is exuberant, welcoming, and at once enigmatic, alluring, and devious. It invites myriad possibilities and it suggests magic and mystery.


Red lipstick is as at home on the runways of Paris as it is in a dive bar in Brooklyn, making it the perfect complement to any makeup wardrobe. The shade does wonders to wake up a tired look and also brightens up your smile, giving you the appearance of whiter teeth.

At Brandon Maxwell, red lips were neatly lined and warm – an inviting choice for an evening look. At , the outrageously sumptuous shade of red was paired with hedonistic chandelier earrings and a hit of faint blush.

At Dolce & Gabbana, the red lips were ethereal and romantic when paired with a warm blush and a crown of roses. At No. 21, the mood was Fifties French Riviera. The look was appealingly retro but covetably wearable. Temperley models walked the runways with a similarly Fifties-inspired makeup style.

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Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Makeup Trends

Fall/ Winter 2018-2019 Makeup Trends

The fall/ winter 2018-2019 makeup trends from the are having a bit of an identity crisis . There could be no final compromise on the spirit of the season – was it nude and natural? Or daring and neon? Luckily for the crazed masses the designers agreed to disagree and hence two movements forged ahead, competing to win the hearts and minds of cosmetic obsessives everywhere.

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