How To Create A Spring Gift Box with eos

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How To Create A Spring Gift Box with eos

How To Create A Spring Gift Box with eos

Spring is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons, but it’s especially exciting because of all the lovely holidays we get to celebrate during it. Something you’ll learn about me is that I LOVE giving. Sure, I love to receive gifts just like everyone else, but there is something special about giving. Giving someone the perfect gift is all about adding a personal touch. Today, I’m teaming up with to share how to create the perfect spring-themed gift boxes. They’re great for both Easter and Mother’s Day, or any event you’re celebrating this season. Lip balm and hand lotion are a universal language among women, so using the new , I handcrafted gift boxes perfect for an array of personalities.

1. Pick a theme! With Easter and Mother’s Day approaching, florals were an obvious choice. While spring florals were the underlying theme, each box was personalized to fit the recipient’s interests or hobbies. Like I said, the best gifts are always personalized, so try and really think about what the person likes. I know I always appreciate it when I can tell thought was put into a gift. For instance, I have a friend who always travels, so I created a gift box for her that included a passport holder and eye-mask for long flights. As someone who is constantly on the go, I know they are products she will use and appreciate.

2. Choose a box. Since I knew I was creating spring-themed gifts, I opted for a wooden crate. I felt it fit the theme best. You can choose any box or container for your gift boxes.

3. Select a variety of items to include. Depending on the person, some items will vary, but there are also certain products that are universal. The and from the limited edition packs are perfect for anyone. They’re great for the friend who travels often because she can easily fit them in her bag or the mom on the go who needs effective products that she can use quickly. The rest of the items I chose for the gift box depended on the person. My mom loves anything tropical, so I found cute pineapple-themed items to include in her gift box. I have a friend who loves stationery so I included a beautiful gold foiled notepad with a matching pen in hers. That’s the beauty of crafting a gift box; you can get as personalized and include as much, or as little, as you want.

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