Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

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Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

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Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

I dress for me. When I put an outfit together, I think about who I want to impress the most, which is myself. Everything else is icing on the cake. I’ve always had this mindset ever since I was a little girl. I want to feel my best, so I will make sure I feel awesome when I look at myself in the mirror. Well, maybe aside from high school, but that’s a different story. Let’s just say there were many times I didn’t dress for me and I was dying inside to let my clothes be me. Ugh, high school when originality wasn’t cool haha…

The thing is, I’m very introverted. For those who don’t know me very well, they seemed very surprised because I have a blog. I guess having a blog is a trait for an extrovert? But in my opinion, as an introvert, it’s more of a reason why I have a blog. I can express who I am without physically seeing or confronting anyone. As being an introvert, my outfits are a way to get to know the real me. It’s like art, it’s how I express myself.

Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

Back to what I was saying earlier, the person I most want to impress is myself because it’s how I know if I’m being myself. My clothes are the first layer of me. And if that layer is not me, everything else under that layer just hides, like my personality and confidence.

Have you ever put on an outfit that’s so good that you feel like you can conquer anything? Or have a go-to “feel good” outfit? The minute you put it on, you know you are your best. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world?! And it’s like no one can get in your way because you feel that good. I loveeee that feeling and when I dress for me and not for others, I get more of that feeling.

I couldn’t care less if someone thinks my outfit is so basic, not cute, so last season, not trendy, etc. Because if I feel good in what I wear, what others think disappears. My inner Queen Bey has come alive and I’ll dominate anything I set my mind to.

What got me talking about dressing for myself was when I was trying to come up with what to write for I asked my friend Suzanne what I should write about. I wanted to share this , but I was having writer’s block. And she looked at the photos for a second and suggested that I should share about how ‘what you are wearing affects your attitude and focus and how a pop of color can bring brightness to your spirit and wardrobe’. And I nodded thinking that was a good idea!

As I was typing out my thoughts about that topic, it led me to thinking about why I put on to begin with. I remember feeling so good that day. I dominated an intense workout and then had energy to do one of workouts after. If you’ve ever done any of his workouts, he for sure brings out your inner sass. So my sassiness was shining through all day.

Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

I was also feeling good about my. I noticed how they have settled . I’ve gotten a hang of it and knowing what I can and cannot pull off. I felt daring that day, but not out of my comfort zone daring.

I texted Tre and asked him if after work we could take blog photos because I knew I was in the mood for my . Tre could tell I was feeling really good about myself.

I love that is made with linen. It looks heavy but it is so lightweight. I actually layered it with my because I didn’t have any LOL. I didn’t want any nip action. But I am a fan of a plunging neckline. All thanks to of This Time Tomorrow. She makes plunging necklines look soooo chic.

For sizing, I wish I went a size up. I wore a small and it zipped up fine, but the waist did feel snug. I definitely can’t be eating pizza in this dress. I’m a fan of clothes feeling looser than tighter just for comfort. I call this test the pizza test. I think about how many slices of pizza I can eat before my clothes feel too tight. The goal is that my clothes don’t feel tight for at least multiple slices. You never want to feel like you will explode out of your dress. So in hindsight, next time I shop at , I’ll size up.

So there ya go. This is why I dress for me and not for others. I want to feel my very best every time and the only way that can happen is when I feel good in what I’m wearing and I’m the best judge of that.

Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

I love your dress! It’s so cute and you look really beauty on it!

Rach, you look gorgeous!!! Love, love, love this dress on you. I also 100% agree – always dress for yourself. There’s no better feeling than putting on your favorite outfit and conquering the day.

Thank you so much Rachel! It’s such a great feeling!

I always call myself an ‘extroverted introvert’ — I act super outgoing but truthfully, I’m pretty shy!

Love this dress on you – you look beautiful! And also, LOVE the ‘pizza test’ LOL I’m definitely going to start using this!

Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

Oo that is a great way to call it. I guess I’m like that too? I’m more extroverted when I feel comfortable around that person. Haha the pizza test is a great test!

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color and the plunging neckline…so pretty! Also I really enjoyed reading this post! I love that you dress for you and not for others which I definitely believe is so important!

You look SO stunning in this dress! I love the peek a boo of lace from your bralette!

Such a great post. I am an introvert as well so I completely get it. You look amazing in that dress. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much Annette and glad you understand!

Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

I hear you – You should always be who you are … and dress yourself! ???? You look amazing.

I love everything about this! The dress, the sentiment and you’re gorgeous ascan be!

It’s so important to dress for yourself! I stopped wearing what others liked a long time ago and I don’t care if no one likes it. I’m happy with it!

Nice dress, Rach. I love your smile.

You look gorgeous in this dress! ????

Why I Dress For Me And Not For Others

When I am dressing myself I also feel confident.

In this way, I am pleasing myself.

Pleasure starts with its own ???? Your dress is beautiful and your outfit perfect! Have a great day xx

I couldn’t agree more! Thank you!

You look amazing in this dress! The color suits you so well!

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